About me

“I’m a filmmaker, not a musician.” says Brian Satterwhite, an internationally acclaimed award-winning film composer based in Austin, Texas. As one of the most sought-after composers in the Lone Star State, Brian has amassed a collection of original scores for an impressive array of feature and short films including SUSHI: THE GLOBAL CATCH(2012), SWITCH (2011), MAN ON A MISSION(2010), ARTOIS THE GOAT (2009), THE RETELLING(2009), COWBOY SMOKE (2008), THE CHILDREN’S WAR (2008), MR. HELL (2006), MAKING THE MODERN (2003), the IMAXTM feature RIDE AROUND THE WORLD (2006), EULOGY MAKER (2010), SHOT(2008), and TWINKLE, TWINKLE (1999), COMFORT(2003), YOUNG MUTT (2005), QUARTER TO NOON(2008), and LOVE BUG (2009) which were included in the 2000, 2004, 2005, 2009, and 2010 Texas Filmmaker’s Showcase respectively. Brian graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, earning a Bachelor of Music with dual majors in film scoring and composition. Among honors awarded were the Scholarship Award for Excellence in Music Composition and the Robert Share Award in Film Scoring which acknowledges the top film scoring student of the year. Brian was further recognized as the lone representative of the Film Scoring department in the annual Student Writing Awards Concert. He conducted a 45-piece orchestra in a performance of an original film music composition at the famed Berklee Performance Center in downtown Boston. Upon graduation, Brian relocated to Austin, Texas. Among the first projects he tackled was the award-winning short film TWINKLE, TWINKLE (1999) and the debut feature film from Austin writer/director Kat Candler entitled CICADAS (2000) which screened at twenty-two film festivals across the country. Brian was among ten semi-finalists (of more than 350 submissions) in the 2001 Young Film Composer’s Competition sponsored by Turner Classic Movies. In 2003, Brian composed the original score for the feature documentary MAKING THE MODERN (2003) which earned Brian a Bronze Telly Award for Music.ONCE A NATION (2004) is currently on permanent exhibit at the Star of the Republic Museum at Washington on the Brazos, Texas. The award-winning short film SAMUEL DEMANGO (2004) screened at thirty-six film festivals across the United States and Canada. In 2005, Brian’s prominence continued to rise with an original score for the 35mm feature horror film MR. HELL (2006), released on DVD in April 2006 by Maverick Entertainment. Brian was honored by having two films accepted at the 2005 Park City Film Music Festival which is the only festival in America showcasing films for their music. SAMUEL DEMANGO (2004) and MAKING THE MODERN (2003) won Gold Medal of Excellence- Director’s Choice Awards for the short and documentary film categories respectively. In January of 2006, two more Satterwhite scores earned awards at the Park City Film Music Festival. YOUNG MUTT(2005) won a Gold Medal for Excellence-Audience Award and HARMONY IN THE HILLS (2005) won a Silver Medal for Excellence-Audience Award, both in the short film categories. In March of 2006, Brian recorded his score for the IMAXTM feature RIDE AROUND THE WORLD (2006). To perform his music, Brian harvested Austin’s rich musical talent which included the trio Chaski, violinist Javier Chaparro, George Strait guitarist Rick McRae, Lyle Lovett guitarist Mitch Watkins and former Frank Zappa drummer and world-percussionist extraordinaire Terry Bozzio. RIDE AROUND THE WORLD opened in IMAXTM theaters across North America in June 2006. A CD soundtrack was released in August. The film screened at the 2007 Park City Film Music Festival earning Brian another Gold Medal for Artistic Excellence and was released on DVD and Blu-ray in December, 2009. In November of 2005, Brian took over as producer and host of the local award-winning film music radio program, “Film Score Focus”, which airs Fridays at 9:00PM and Saturdays at 5:00PM on Classical 89.5 KMFA (www.kmfa.org). He has since produced more than 380 programs. In 2007, Brian scored the modern-day western feature COWBOY SMOKE (2008) and the short PBS documentary RECAPTURING CUBA: AN ARTIST’S JOURNEY (2007). The film was screened at the 2008 Park City Film Music Festival earning two gold medals: one for Artistic Excellence the other, Director’s Choice. In 2008, Brian scored the chilling and powerful documentary THE CHILDREN’S WAR (2008) shedding light on the atrocities resulting from a ruthless rebel war in Northern Uganda. Later that year, he broke new filmic ground by donning the editor’s cap for Kat Candler’s award-winning short film QUARTER TO NOON (2008) which he also scored. The film was selected as part of the Women in Film and Television International Short Film Showcase screening in 22 cities around the world. In 2009, Brian was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Film Music for his scores for COWBOY SMOKE (2008), THE DREAMER (2008), THE BAREFOOT BULL RIDER(2007), and QUARTER TO NOON (2008) at the Park City Film Music Festival. In March, Brian wrapped up his eclectic score for ARTOIS THE GOAT (2009) which screened to three sold-out audiences at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas. The film was released on DVD by Indipix Films in April, 2010. During the summer of 2010, Brian composed the score for THE RETELLING (2009) written and directed by teenage wunderkind Emily Hagins. Brian maintains an active lecturing schedule and frequently writes for film music web sites and also liner notes for many soundtracks including RUNAWAY TRAIN (1985), CHILD’S PLAY (1988), BATMAN: THE MOVIE (1966), THE YOUNG RIDERS (1989-1992), THE BLOB (1988), SMALLVILLE (2001-2011), TERRA NOVA (2011-2012), INTO THE WEST (2005), DEAD AGAIN (1991), SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER (1993), and the FRIDAY THE 13TH PARTS 1-VI box set (1980-1988) for La-La Land Records, the PUPPETMASTER (1989-2010) Soundtrack Collection and NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER (1986) for Perseverance Records, SUNDOWN: A VAMPIRE IN RETREAT (1989) by BSX Records, STAY TUNED (1992), WHISPERS IN THE DARK (1992), and THE CORE (2003) for Intrada Records, and JURASSIC PARK (1993) and BLACK SWAN (2010) for Mondo Records. In 2010 Brian completed the score for SXSW Audience Award winner MAN ON A MISSION (2010) chronicling the story of video game pioneer Richard Garriott who trained for two years to spend ten days aboard the International Space Station. On November 6, 2012, La-La Land Records released the score forMAN ON A MISSION marking Brian’s first soundtrack released on a major label. Brian composed music for the popular CELL: THE WEB SERIES (2010) which won him an Indie Intertube Award for Best Score in a Web Series. Outstanding Achievement in Music at LA Web Fest, and an IAWTV Award nomination for Best Music in a Web Series. All thirteen episodes are available online at koldcast.tv, blip.tv, or YouTube.com. In August 2010, Brian was interviewed for a new book entitled Soundtrack Nation: Interviews with Today’s Top Professionals in Film, Videogame, and Television Scoring written by Tom Hoover. Brian’s picture is on the cover of the book just under the “S” in the title. Later that year, Brian was selected as a member of the International Film Music Critics Association. 2011 found Brian scoring two more major documentaries: SUSHI: THE GLOBAL CATCH (2011) winning a top award at the Seattle International Film Festival and SWITCH (2011) which is currently playing in theaters around the world. Brian continued to refine his editing skills by serving as an additional editor on both docs. In January of 2012, Brian joined the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin Radio-Television-Film Department teaching a class on film music to budding filmmakers. In 2012 and 2013, the Dallas Chamber Symphony commissioned Brian to compose scores for three silent films to be performed live to picture at the Dallas City Performance Hall. The first film, Harold Lloyd’s A SAILOR-MAN MAN (1921) premiered on November 13, 2012, THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (1919), premiered on February 26, 2013, and Buster Keaton’s The Scarecrow (1920) premiered on November 19, 2013. In May 2013, Brian’s score for A SAILOR-MADE MAN was honored with a Jerry Goldsmith Award nomination for Best Free Creation. In June 2013, Brian licensed two pieces from his score for COWBOY SMOKE (2008) to Walt Disney Studios for use in their feature film THE LONE RANGER (2013) starring Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, and directed by Gore Verbinski. His name is listed twice in the closing credits of the picture. In 2014, Brian was featured in an article for Austin Fusion Magazine entitled “A Champion of Film Music.” Also, Lakeshore Records released the soundtrack for the energy documentary SWITCH (2012) marking Brian’s second release on a major label. In 2015, Brian will be composing a new score for the silent film METROPOLIS (1927) which will be performed live by the Dallas Chamber Symphony in October at City Performance Hall.