Brian Satterwhite is a professional film composer based in Austin, Texas. He earned a Bachelor of Music with dual majors in Film Scoring and Composition from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Brian’s music has been featured in over one hundred and sixty short and feature films including The Next Kill (2018), The Mark of War (2017), The Lone Ranger (2013), Sushi: The Global Catch (2012), Switch (2012), Man On A Mission (2012), Artois The Goat (2009), Quarter to Noon (2008), The Children’s War (2008), Cowboy Smoke (2008), Mr. Hell (2006), and the award-winning IMAX™ film Ride Around The World (2006). Brian’s many accolades include twelve gold medals and four silver medals from the Park City Film Music Festival. 

Brian has composed a handful of scores for silent films performed by the Dallas Chamber Symphony including Metropolis (1927), The Cabinet of Dr. Calgari (1920), the Buster Keaton short film The Scarecrow (1920), and the Harold Lloyd feature A Sailor-Made Man (1921) which was a finalist for a Jerry Goldsmith Award in 2013. Brian also served as an orchestrator under composer Douglas Pipes for the Universal Studios motion picture Krampus (2015) directed by Michael Dougherty. 

In addition to composing, Brian is a highly regarded film music journalist who writes for several popular web sites and pens soundtrack album liner notes for several major labels. He is currently writing a book called “The Music of Friday the 13th” scheduled for publication by BearManor Media in late 2021.

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